Group Fitness Classes

We offer a variety of different group fitness classes. We love offering a wide variety of workouts to keep your body guessing and to keep your workouts fun. We offer Barre, Pilates, Endurance Training, Yoga, HIIT, Bootycamp, Strength Training and beginner classes. We are constantly adding new varieties and styles to our classes to ensure you are getting the best workout possible. Join us to feel the difference in our encouraging and motivating community!

Small Group Classes & Private Sessions

Book the studio for a private session for you or for your group! We offer private classes for any of our class types! Get an individualized workout for yourself, your friends or office. For pricing and availability reach out to us!

Personal Training

Personal training offers private sessions at the studio that focuses on challenging the client’s physical strengths and weaknesses through personalized workouts, fine-tuning form and technique, and establishing an overview of injury prevention. The client will be assessed and taken through a challenging workout that pushes their fitness level.

Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition coaching offers private 1-hour nutrition consultations that review current dietary regimens, pertinent medical and dietary history, personal health and nutrition goals, sleep patterns, potential stressors, and exercise routine. Upon review, the nutrition coach develops a program specific to the client that helps guide the client toward their goals in a holistic health approach – the client will be given resources at session.

Holistic Approach

Health encompasses our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being; when one aspect of our lives is imbalanced, it affects all other aspects of our bodies and minds. We believe that a holistic approach to health and fitness is essential to establishing well-rounded disciplines that empower positive lifestyle changes in our clients. Our mission is to equip and empower our clients with the nutritional tools to feel confident with beneficial dietary and lifestyle choices. In our holistic health coaching program, we assess your current dietary regimen, pertinent medical and nutritional history, sleep patterns, stressors and current coping skills, specific fitness and nutritional goals, and current healthy habits to build upon. Once reviewed, the client and the health coach collaborate to identify areas of growth and establish action plans.


We believe that nutrition is individualized to each person – it is not a “one size fits all” approach. Each individual was created uniquely with nutritional needs specific to one’s own physiology. Understanding one’s body and the nutritional requirements that optimize function help propel us toward a higher quality of life. We recognize that the nutritional demands of each individual are significantly influenced by both internal and external factors. We believe that by approaching nutrition from an individualized standpoint, recognizing and addressing influential factors, and placing the health of our clients at upmost importance is critical to achieving long-term lifestyle changes.  

Faith Wagner

Faith Wagner has a Master of Science degree in Kinesiology/Rehabilitative Exercise, a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology, and is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist through the American Fitness Professionals & Associates. Faith has also worked as a personal trainer and wellness coach for the past 4 years. 

Life Coaching

Whether you’re working towards a goal, looking to build your mindset, or have a desire for more in your personal or professional life, working with our Life Coach will give you additional support and encouragement to bridge the gap of where you are and where you are wanting to be.

When working with our Life Coach we will co-develop your personal action plan that will equip, empower, and build your confidence in moving forward towards your goals. We take a holistic approach with coaching, focusing on building skills and mindset that will help you achieve breakthroughs.

We offer a variety of packages, which include:

  • Weekly 1-on-1 50 min session (in person or virtual)
  • Personalized plan with action steps to build skills for a more focused and positive mind
  • Accountability check-ins throughout the week
  • Recommend resources to further your learning and growing
  • Encouragement and support

You can get started and learn more with a complimentary 1-on-1 connect call with our Life Coach.
Email to schedule your complimentary connect call today.

Emilee Hill

Emilee Hill has her Master’s in Human Services and is a certified Life Coach through Inner Glow Circle, an ICF Accredited Coach Training Program.

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